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No Jefferson CPA firm offers a more extensive list of professional services than you'll find at Lawson Accounting Group, LLC. When you call us at 904-260-2904, we'll arrange an appointment to learn about your needs and tell you how we can meet them, including:

Tax Planning and Preparation

Lawson Accounting Group, LLC can prepare and file your tax returns, and much more. We're experienced with strategic tax planning, which can help minimize your tax liability and retain more of your income or business profits.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Lawson Accounting Group, LLC offers a full range of services to help businesses stay on track financially. Let us help you establish and maintain a budget, track your cash flow, prepare regular financial statements, and more.

Outsourced Accounting and Bookkeeping

No funds for a full-time accounting staff? We can handle all of those functions from our Jefferson office.

Business and Financial Consulting Services

Our abilities extend far beyond standard accounting tasks. Lawson Accounting Group, LLC assists new and established businesses as well as individuals with all aspects of financial planning designed to minimize expenses and build profits.

Incorporation and New Business Advisor Services

Lawson Accounting Group, LLC has helped many Jefferson area entrepreneurs get off to a good start by helping them select the right entity under which to incorporate, develop a sound business plan, establish good financial systems, and more.

QuickBooks Services

Our staff will set up your QuickBooks system, provide training for you and your staff, and stay on board with regular support as needed.

Payroll Services

Lawson Accounting Group, LLC will make sure your employees are paid accurately and on time, and we'll take care of all the record-keeping and ensure that your payroll taxes are always in order.

IRS Problem Resolution

Lawson Accounting Group, LLC will assess your situation and advise you about your options for handling back taxes or other IRS issues. Then we'll contact the IRS and work with them on your behalf to come to a satisfactory resolution.

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